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Tagliatelle had tinned ham in it

Alan, 09Jul18

Absolutely fantastic food and great friendly service. Thank you

Sheila, 09Jul18

I love the food but only thing could make the specials better is if it was nice baguette garlic bread. Its 33p a loaf in tescos etc i put mine in tin foil with a little olive oil in oven comes out perfect dont like the garlic bread toast pasta and pizza are of great quality though. Xxxxxx i love st andrews

Lynda, 27Jun18

Hi there, I ordered from yourself this evening as I love the food you provide - the quality is always on top form. Apart from this evening. Tonight I placed my order at 7pm and was given a 45 minute delivery period. My food eventually arrived at 8.40pm and was cold and stale. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I had tried calling the restaurant several times prior to the delivery but could not get through. I am deeply saddened by my experience today. Please do contact me on [email protected] or 07769220182 Many thanks, Louise

Louise, 24Jun18

Had to wait almost 2 hours for delivery. I would like someone to get back in touch with me as I would like some sort of compensation as we were told 45mins. I would never expect to wait that long inside the restaurant.

Kayleigh, 24Jun18

First order food was amazing, app gave wait time up front, easy to order, will order again!

Christina Tillbrook, 2018-06-05 21:03:15

Quick service

James, 03Jun18

Gluten free fish & chips - absolutely fantastic !

Wendy, 03Jun18

Food is brilliant!!!

Ewan, 01Jun18

Great service

George, 27May18

Takes forever to arrive!! But the food is lovely. Best chippy!

Lisa, 27May18

Food is lovely when delivered and hot

Lorraine, 22May18

Used your online order service for the first time tonight - and it won't be the last. The order arrived in just over 15 minutes, food quantity and quality was excellent. Fantastic service - thank you.

M Gilhooley, 20May18

Not very warm but good portion sizes

Gemma, 19May18

Would be better is there was an update on when food would be arriving

Caitlin, 15May18

App said I had 0 mins to wait and that was 20mins ago still waiting

Kerryanne, 12May18

my kebabs where cold and had no salad ive been a loyal customer for 3 years and i have recommend this chip shop to all my family and friends really disapointed tonight

Lisa, 11May18

Lovely food and quick delivery

Fiona Iqbal, 03May18

get rid of the 45 min timer if you cant deliver in that time

Keith, 30Apr18

Good food, delivery time could be quicker

Sharleen, 30Apr18

great food. fish cooked fresh as when ordered. Staff very helpful.

Emma, 30Apr18

I love the food and service

Donald, 12Apr18

Great food

Christine, 03Apr18

Please, consider free delivery at least within Portobello and Joppa. Thank you! Otherwise you are the best.

Lia, 03Apr18

Countdown of 45 min at first then after 20min it changed to "complete". Nothing had arrived by then which resulted in uncertainty. Luckily we were able to choose option "cash" which proved to us that at least we weren't totally ripped off. At the end it arrived 10 min early, really friendly and food was warm and really good.

Swanny, 30Mar18

Where is my order ,late again ,,,.

James, 29Mar18