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The delivery didn't come till 1hr 30 minutes, I ordered at 6.15pm and it was delivered at 8.05pm,it was very late.

Shirley, 01 Aug 2021

Very good

Sharon, 31 Jul 2021

Excellent food and service

Sharon, 31 Jul 2021

PAUL, 30 Jul 2021

Anna , 30 Jul 2021

Colin, 28 Jul 2021

Please use Just Eat and other food apps. Please allow to pay by Apple Pay or PayPal. Finding a debit card and typing it in is very hard these days as its a long process. Not great for customers experience. Thank you!

S, 25 Jul 2021

PAUL, 25 Jul 2021

PAUL, 24 Jul 2021


Rico, 24 Jul 2021

Absolutely appalled by this order, usually don’t have any issues with this takeaway but I’m outraged after getting home my shish kebab had bone in almost every peice of lamb wasn’t even edible.

Gabrielle, 23 Jul 2021


Katie, 23 Jul 2021


Katie, 23 Jul 2021


PAUL, 23 Jul 2021

Gordon, 18 Jul 2021

Everything I have ordereee is always amazing, no complaints ever.

Michele Robertson , 16 Jul 2021

Can’t beat the fish and chips, ordered many times and have no problems, would recommend to anyone

Allan, 16 Jul 2021

2 hours for a delvery ordered at 1942 came at 2145 not happy not even a sorry that was a few weeks back 5 northfield park

Paul, 15 Jul 2021

Ordered gluten free chips with gluten free vinegar, salt and tomato sauce, you pay extra for the salt sauce and vinegar, I got my chips delivered with no sauce, salt or vinegar onto and I paid for these extras

Shirley, 13 Jul 2021


PAUL, 09 Jul 2021

Amazing service

Michael Mcnamee, 05 Jul 2021

Hi There, I'm a regular customer and frankly I reckon that you guys make the best fish and chips in Edinburgh by a considerable margin. I'm a fan and frequently recommend you to friends and people visiting the city. Yesterday (4th July) I visited at around 7pm and got a fish supper and children's portion too. I thought that I'd let you know that the standard of yesterday's fish was very poor. The chips were ok; perhaps not quite as good as usual, and there were a few rogue raw potatoes in there; but that wasn't the issue. The problem was the fish; it was dry and tasteless and the batter was chewy and tough. It was the first time I've ever not finished my meal from you nd the only time I've had any reason to complain. The service was fast and as usual very friendly; however I reckon that the fish must have been sitting there for some time. I thought I'd let you know as I really value your food. All the best, James

James Sinfield, 05 Jul 2021

Always good food and service.

John, 05 Jul 2021

Alas thank you for remembering the extra chilli sauces, I put it down that you were busy yesterday. Quality of product is always good, taste is good and temperature is good. I would always recommend this place to anyone.

Edward, 04 Jul 2021

Why can't they give extra chilli sauce as requested? How can you have a large calzone with just 1 small tub of sauce? It is just not enough or are they trying to fleece more money out of you to pay for it which should have been included.?

Edward, 03 Jul 2021

One of the best

Sharon, 03 Jul 2021